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Who is AvianBreeder.com for?

AvianBreeder.com is for aviaries of any size that desire to sell more birds and anyone interested in buying an exotic bird at a discount price.

How does it work?

Simple. Aviaries pay a low annual fee to list their birds in the aviary classifieds on our site. Interested buyers have instant free access to bird listings.

Why should I pay for a service other sites offer for free?

You get what you pay for. With AvianBreeder.com, you can make changes to your listing, receive a higher level of customer service and are able to network with more aviaries and buyers. Also, our pricing is low enough that selling a couple of extra birds a year will pay for your listing.

The biggest difference between AvianBreeder and free listing sites is the marketing team. With AvianBreeder, you get a staff that is devoted to the sole purpose of driving more bird buyers to your listing.

Can I get a reference before signing up?

Here are comments from our growing list of happy members:

"A Bird In The Hand Aviaries" is extremely impressed by the amount of views to our web site, 75% referred by Avianbreeder.com. Our business has increased ten fold since signing up with Avianbreeder.com one year ago. We are quite impressed and very pleased with the services rendered so far. Avianbreeder.com is keeping us in business! Thank you Avianbreeder.com.

-Bob McCullough, A Bird in the Hand Aviaries

I've been listed less than a week and I've had five contacts for birds. I'm expecting a buyer to buy my hand fed Sun Conure Thursday night. A woman is coming to see my Quakers Saturday. I'm in email contact with two prospective buyers for cockatiels. I've been contacted by a pet store owner wanting to buy out of nest babies. This is the only one I've turned down flat, so far. I've never had an ad generate so much interest as fast. It seems there's a lot of prospective buyers out there looking for good breeders close to their locations."

- Dan Tarrant, Tarrant's Aviary 

"Having www.sweetacrebirdfarm.com listed on Avianbreeder.com has at least doubled the traffic to my website, more so than any other listing I have on the web."

- Lisa Sweet, Sweet Acre Bird Farm

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