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BreezyBrook Aviary
12 DeckerPond Road
Sussex, NJ 07461
(973) 702-3625

Dawn Herman


Our Aviary is located in rural northern New Jersey.  We have kept our aviary small as all of our breeders are our pets as well. Most of our breeders have been hand fed and raised by us in our aviary.  Our parents are kept in supreme health and live in a large roomy aviary. We only allow our moms a few clutches a year with plenty of time to rest in between. 

We raise cockatiels in a variety of colors, but we strive more for health and personality.  We have found that hand feeding or not, a lot of the traits of the parents are passed to the babies and we only breed very nice, well socialized birds.

We have recently added English Budgies to our aviary.  They are very sweet and make great companion birds.  Our mommy just gave us 7 beautiful little babies, so we will let her rest for a while now.

Our children are very involved in raising our babies, they handle them everyday.  We also have 4 big dogs and cats.  So you can be sure your baby bird will be very well socialized around children and other animals.


Cockatiel / Normal Grey $70 BreezyBrook Aviary Sussex, NJ MAY 7
Description: Beautiful hand fed male grey baby born in early February.
Cockatiel / Pearl $80 BreezyBrook Aviary Sussex, NJ MAY 7
Description: So sweet female hand fed pearl baby born in early February.
Cockatiel / Pied $80 BreezyBrook Aviary Sussex, NJ MAY 7
Description: Stunning Pied baby available, hand fed female - really pretty markings.



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