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Bodcau Aviary
240 Bodcau Spur Road
Haughton, LA 71037
(318) 426-7859

Kandice Settlers


Bodcau Aviary is located near Shreveport in Northwest Louisiana forty miles from Arkansas and fifteen miles from Texas. Deciding to start an aviary was most probably the easiest part of starting Bodcau Aviary. At the time in my mind it seemed pretty simple considering the thirty years experience I have training and handling wild imported parrots. As Federal regulations tighten on the importation of wild parrots, the quality of pet parrots will improve. Hand fed and socialized young parrots are so much more responsive and loveable than even the youngest wild caught parrot. With the life span of many parrot species reaching upwards of fifty years, choosing the parrot right for you is very important.

We start hand feeding our babies when they are three to five days old before their little eyes are even open. We pride ourselves in socialized gentle guaranteed to sit on your finger parrots. We start abundance weaning at about six weeks when our quality pet parrots are introduced to fresh veggies and fruits. They are also started on a commercial pellet diet for Conure's which should be the largest part of their diets when mature.


Conure / Jendays $250 Bodcau Aviary Haughton, LA DEC 14
Description: Jenday Conure's are known in the parrot world as little Macaws because of their great personalities. In the wild, the Jenday Conure originates in Brazil, but they cover a large area in South and Central America. In captivity they make wonderful companions for an individual or family environment.



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